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    HLTAA — Healthy Living Therapies Alberta Association

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Mission Statement   Healthy Living Therapies Alberta Association is a non-profit organization committed to supporting a community for individuals to flourish physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

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upcoming 2016 DATES: April 28, May 26,  June 23,  Sept 22,  Oct 27,  Nov 24


Saturday Sept 24th, 2016,  again at OTS hall in south west Edmonton, 2104-156 street SW



Thursday, May 26 Gathering

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Presentation at 1:00 pm

Tyann Matthews

Simple Ceremony

Come consider different perceptions and uses for ancient ceremonies. Create a ceremony attuned to you. Enjoy being immersed in a group of people that, by using their own creativity and positive energy, will strive to further their personal growth.


  • Learn a little of the history and diversity of ceremonies and rituals
  • Understand the importance and power ceremonies and rituals bring to our lives
  • Be taught simple tools and steps to create personally meaningful ceremonies/rituals


  • Realize the vitality that can be brought into your life by adding short rituals to your daily routine
  • Understand that it is possible for anyone to perform a ceremony/ritual, and the reasoning behind this statement
  • Get a sense of how, by applying rituals, it is possible to personally manifest your most satisfying life
  • Be guided in creating a simple ceremony that is personally attuned to your needs

Tyann Marie Is the owner of Tywillow Inc. She has recently been guided to stop making plans of what she would like to do and to get out there and just do! By saying yes to different opportunities, brought to her attention by this amazing community, she is expecting to do just that.

The Simple Ceremony mini workshop on ceremonies is what one of her steps looks like. Another recent step, a talk she did on the aspects of positive thought and how it affects our energy, was prepared and delivered to the Dowsers Society of Edmonton last month.

Tyann Marie has recently created a Recycle Ceremony. This ceremony aids people in unearthing negative thought patterns, allows for the patterns to be powerfully released, and then empowers the person to build the positive thought patterns that guide their life and actions towards their higher selves.  She is holding this ceremony at Spirit Path Studio on different dates over the next few months.

Tyann Marie started her energy journey by achieving the three levels of Usui Reiki last summer, learned the power of rocking a pendulum, the uses and how to read chakras, and that her guides, spirit animals, angels, dragons, elementals and other energies can bring power and guidance to anything if you but ask (among many other things).

This year so far, she has taken a class on both sacred geometry, and astral travel, become an Initiate of the Modern Mystery School, and received a life activation – which has all brought about many shifts in herself and her life.

She is in the process of deciding to apply to the Martha Beck Lifestyle Coach Training or the Modern Mystery School Academy of Healers. (it is quite possible she will do both or neither – which she is realizing is what happens when you start actually going with the flow instead of just pretending you are.

Learn ~ Network ~ Grow

Presenter at 7:00 pm

Kelly Falardeau
Small Ideas Can Make A Huge Impact

Kelly Falardeau is a burn survivor since the age of two-years-old. She endured horrific scarring on 75% of her body and constantly struggled with her self-worth and confidence. She found a way to go from near-death to success; from the ugly scar-faced girl to the Top 10 Most Powerful and Influential Speakers, Fierce Woman of the Year, four times a Best-Selling Author, recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and a YWCA Woman of Distinction. Now, she’s adding her 13-year-old son Cody into the mix and together they speak about their “Blankets for Burn Kids” campaign and how they’re inspiring others to follow their dreams and impact others in a huge way.

In this presentation, Cody and his twin brother Parker (the Twin Twisters) are going to teach you how you can take an idea and leave it as a deflated balloon or you can take action and make it into something great that makes an impact on others.

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