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    Two Gatherings on 4th Thursday of most months at 1 pm & 7 pm   A different presentation at each Gathering.  NEXT Fair  -- Sat Sept 24th, 2016    You're invited to come  LEARN -  NETWORK - GROW with us !!

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    HLTAA — Healthy Living Therapies Alberta Association

    HLTAA is a volunteer "non-profit organization committed to supporting a community for individuals to flourish physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually."   Find out more      about our organization,    attend an event   or    join us!



Announcement:  HLTAA Dissolution & Farewell

In the last few years, HLTAA has witnessed steadily lower attendance and participation at Fairs and Gatherings.   We’ve also had fewer and fewer volunteers, with many vacancies in key Board positions.  This made maintenance and progress of our existing systems very difficult.  The few dedicated volunteers of this group have worked exceptionally hard to try to keep the group afloat.

This (and previous) Boards have attempted many strategies to increase interest,  but the trend is clear  –  it’s time to wrap up this group.

Society has changed rapidly in these recent years. We’re now blessed (spoiled for choice!) with a hugely expanding & easily available, variety of opportunities to explore wholistic health and connect with other like-minded people.

HLTAA fulfilled its primary mission to assist in ushering wholistic health and spiritual topics into mainstream consciousness.  All those who contributed to HLTAA  can be proud that they assisted in “bridging the gap”.

We have mixed feelings of accomplishment and a bit of sadness at this natural conclusion, but endings are an inevitable part of Life.  Think of the bittersweet feelings a parent may have, watching their child graduate after 13 years of learning & growth.   (Similarly, HLTAA was incorporated 13 years ago, but began years before that).

It could be said that “HLTAA’s job here is done! ”  We move on to new opportunities while cherishing the friends we’ve made and connections that serve us well.

Two of the founding members of HLTAA told me, at our Sept 24th Fair, they sensed that the “presence” of Pearl James (HLTAA’s now deceased founder) was there, smiling amongst us. Thank you for that encouraging feedback!

So it is with gratitude and light hearts that we wish you the best in your continued evolution and growth.   We surely will cross paths again, if and when it’s “meant to be”,  because we “get”  that the Universe works like that !       🙂

The final 2 Gatherings of HLTAA are at 1 pm & 7 pm on Thur Oct 27th, 2016.  Please join us!    (The usual email invitations will be sent with more info closer to the time)
Shared Care is also that day,  9 am – 12 noon,  in partnership with Your Holistic Earth.

Current Members only will be notified of one last HLTAA event in November.

We are conscious of the value of your privacy.  All your contact information will remain confidential;  it will not be sold or distributed in any way.

Comments may be sent to this email  —

Suzanne Bélanger, President           on behalf of the Board of HLTAA

GATHERINGS — your invitation to learn & network with like minded people

4th Thursday of most months  –   2 per day

LOCATION  – King Edward (small) hall,  8008 – 81 Street NW  Edmonton T6C 0V8

START TIMES  –  1 pm AND 7 pm        Members:  $10 per Gathering,  $15 for non-members (guests)

Different holistic topic showcased at each Gathering

Explore holistic topics & meet practitioners in relaxed atmosphere.  Everyone welcome.

Upcoming 2016 DATE:  Octobe 27, 2016

1:00 pm


Learn ~ Network ~ Grow

7:00 pm

Pamella Heikel

Using Breath to Heal

Did you know that if you are not in a state of relaxation that your body cannot even begin to think about healing! Learn the impact stress has on our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Then come on a journey as we explore how breathing and pausing can alleviate stress and anxiety. Finally together we will enjoy the benefits of a guided meditation.

I’m a Health and Wellness Coach, Qigong and Meditation teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Essential Oils Educator. Through my work, I helps to shine light on things that are dark, difficult, distant and confusing. I guide people to a place and space where they can express and expand their own blueprint through business and life with ease and peace of mind.

I am passionate about living a healthy life and guiding others to find and do the same. What keeps me inspired? Books, Coffee Chats, Food, Travel, Writing Poetry, Music, Dance, Nature, Energy, and studying Cultures and Religions.

Presenter Application Form now available  – go to either of these tabs —   Membership or Contacts  — for the scoop!

Mission Statement   Healthy Living Therapies Alberta Association is a non-profit organization committed to supporting a community for individuals to flourish physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

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